Perfectus is used by:

* Corporate Legal

* Human Resources

* Sales and Purchasing

* Law Firms

* Finance

* Document-intensive organizations

To Generate:

* Contracts and agreements

* Sales and purchase orders

* Regulatory submissions

* Legal and other complex repetitive documents

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Within the IP Manager subject experts define the business rules and content that form the basis of the system.

Using a business process modeling toolbox, authors can define the business rules that combine the appropriate pre-approved documents with the variable data from specific transactions. They can create, retrieve and reuse content, clauses and documents – from a simple interface designed for non-programmers.

  • Question Designer - Where the questions necessary to capture variable data are created, and their delivery parameters specified.
  • Easy Interview Designer - Where questions are grouped into pages and formatted for delivery, and the business process decision tree translated into the corresponding page navigation.
  • Query Builder - Where business process rules are defined using conditional expressions.
  • Template Designer - Where the format of the required output document or documents are designed, including insertion points for the Easy Interview answers and outcomes.
  • Process Manager - Where the output document formats and distribution methods required to complete the automation of the business process are designed.