Perfectus is used by:

* Corporate Legal

* Human Resources

* Sales and Purchasing

* Law Firms

* Finance

* Document-intensive organizations

To Generate:

* Contracts and agreements

* Sales and purchase orders

* Regulatory submissions

* Legal and other complex repetitive documents

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Easy Interview is our web-based presentation layer that acts as a wizard to accurately capture data from the end user.

Each question and page is dynamically generated based on previous answers or web service calls. Sophisticated rules-based decision-tree logic guides the user through long and short versions.

  • Contextual help, hints and examples to fill in information
  • Validation and mandatory field for accurate data capture
  • External page access (e.g. credit card payment gateway) for process driven applications
  • Custom pop-ups for external data entry
  • On-page distributor allowing data to be sent at any stage during an interview
  • Dynamic strings giving a customized user experience.