Perfectus is used by:

* Corporate Legal

* Human Resources

* Sales and Purchasing

* Law Firms

* Finance

* Document-intensive organizations

To Generate:

* Contracts and agreements

* Sales and purchase orders

* Regulatory submissions

* Legal and other complex repetitive documents

Delivery Manager PDF Print E-mail

The Delivery Manager is the component responsible for the conversion and distribution of the process output documents.

It supports conversion of documents to a number of formats and can be integrated with most other third-party converters.

Document Converters

Document Delivery

  • Answer Set (XML data)
  • Email Distributor
  • Answer Summary (XML data)
  • ECM workflow/Document Management/SharePoint
  • Easy Resume (URL)
  • File Distributor
  • PDF Document (PDF)
  • Print Distributor
  • RTF Document (RTF)
  • HTML Email Distributor
  • Word Document (DOC)
  • MSMQ
  • Word 2007 Document (DOCX)
  • SharePoint
  • HTML Convertor
  • File Watcher and Transform
  • Answer Set XSL Transform