Perfectus is used by:

* Corporate Legal

* Human Resources

* Sales and Purchasing

* Law Firms

* Finance

* Document-intensive organizations

To Generate:

* Contracts and agreements

* Sales and purchase orders

* Regulatory submissions

* Legal and other complex repetitive documents

Perfectus SDK PDF Print E-mail

Perfectus is primarily a document process automation tool designed to integrate with ECM and BPM systems, and support the rapid development of Content Enabled Applications.

Our partners and customers use Perfectus to create solutions that enhance an organization's document intensive processes.  The Perfectus SDK has been written for developers who have been tasked with creating these applications and who require information on our integration points including extending the document converters and distributors.

The following subjects are included in the SDK:

  • Perfectus Architecture
  • Introducing the Application Components           
  • Technologies Used       
  • Communication between Components   
  • Developing Effective Web Services      
  • Using Web Services     
  • Passing Parameters to Web Services    
  • Returning Values from Web Services     
  • Assembling Documents            
  • Distributing Documents under Program Control   
  • Perfectus APIs for Document Assembly            
  • Writing Effective External Pages           
  • Using External Pages   
  • Hosting an E-interview  
  • The Host Webpage       
  • Perfectus Plug-in Architecture   
  • Perfectus Configuration Files    
  • Server Shared Configuration Settings    
  • Integration Points        
  • Converter         
  • Distributor        
  • Clause Library  
  • Publish Controls           
  • Additional Question Types        
  • IP Package Open/Save Control Template Import           
  • Save Answer Set           
  • Open Answer Set           
  • Format Strings