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Perfectus works with leading ECM vendors and partners to create applications that align business requirements with content, interaction and process.

By automating document intensive processes such as contract management, correspondence management, loan origination, project management and case management, organizations are able to reduce risk and save costs while increasing compliance and visibility.

The first key step to automated contract management
Fully integrated and managed by Open Text's Contract Management solution, Perfectus provides the key first step in the contract management process – the automated creation of compliant documents. In 2006 Hummingbird, subsequently acquired by Open Text, executed a global agreement with Perfectus, which it selected ahead of all other document process automation competitors, to integrate Perfectus’ multilingual document creation technology within its contract management solution. Perfectus automates repetitive tasks associated with contract creation and enables organizations to construct complex transactions and agreements. It pulls information from clause libraries maintained in Open Text Contract Management and interacts with line of business systems, ensuring up-to-date data is selected to improve the quality and accuracy of the contract.

Project Initiation with Skanska delivered by SaveIT
Skanska is one of the world's leading construction companies and, in conjunction with Perfectus partner SaveIT, has created a powerful "Project Initiation" application for its 200+ project managers. The value proposition for Skanska is both time and risk based. The time to initiate a project has reduced from weeks to a matter of hours. Project documentation is more accurate and compliant with centrally managed templates and pre-populated contract data.

Improving European retailer's supplier relations
Lidl is Germany’s largest discount retail operation with stores throughout Europe. Every year it issues thousands of contracts to its suppliers that dictate the terms of delivery, price and operating guidelines. Managing the production of new contracts and issuing renewals to existing suppliers was becoming complex and time-consuming. Integrated within Open Text's contract management solution, Perfectus technology allows the fast and efficient creation of contracts. Perfectus produces the contracts by extracting content from Lidl’s line of business applications, automatically assembling the content into compliant documents. In doing so, Perfectus streamlines highly labor intensive processes and reduces contract administration costs.

Empowering customers to write their own wills
Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia’s leading financial institutions. It wanted to quickly create a sophisticated user interface that would allow customers to build complex documents, such as wills, power of attorney and company formation documents. The system had to be flexible enough to integrate with multiple other applications. In response, Perfectus provided the core technology to implement a legal portal for CBA’s clients. Perfectus is embedded within custom .NET pages and its unique on-screen interviews are started from a XML file posted from Visual Files, a matter management system. Perfectus also processes payments through an e-commerce gateway and documents/answer sets are placed into a Documentum content repository.