Perfectus is used by:

* Corporate Legal

* Human Resources

* Sales and Purchasing

* Law Firms

* Finance

* Document-intensive organizations

To Generate:

* Contracts and agreements

* Sales and purchase orders

* Regulatory submissions

* Legal and other complex repetitive documents

IP Manager PDF Print E-mail

Within the IP Manager subject experts define the business rules and content that form the basis of the system.

Using a business process modeling toolbox, authors can define the business rules that combine the appropriate pre-approved documents with the variable data from specific transactions. They can create, retrieve and reuse content, clauses and documents – from a simple interface designed for non-programmers.

Easy Interview PDF Print E-mail

Easy Interview is our web-based presentation layer that acts as a wizard to accurately capture data from the end user.

Each question and page is dynamically generated based on previous answers or web service calls. Sophisticated rules-based decision-tree logic guides the user through long and short versions.

Delivery Manager PDF Print E-mail

The Delivery Manager is the component responsible for the conversion and distribution of the process output documents.

It supports conversion of documents to a number of formats and can be integrated with most other third-party converters.

Process Manager PDF Print E-mail

The Process Manager is the core Perfectus component and is responsible for managing the actual document creation process.

The key functions of the Process Manager are:

  • Package Manager - Stores and versions Perfectus packages created with the IP Manager and published to the server.
  • Process Coordinator - Manages the entire business process flow, starting with the Easy Interview , storing of the subsequent answers and outcomes, assembly of the process output documents in the formats required, and then distribution of the final documents by the required distribution methods.
  • Document Assembly - Highly scalable XML-based document assembly function which merges one or many document templates with the answers and outcomes from an Easy Interview. This function takes advantage of .NET free threading and server load balancing to support enterprise-level document assembly volumes.
  • Publisher - The Publisher is the component responsible for rendering the Easy Interview as HTML in a web browser for the end user. It utilizes the Microsoft IIS web server platform. It also presents a SOAP interface for rendering Easy Interview s via alternate web server technologies.
Shared Library PDF Print E-mail

The Perfectus Shared Library is an enterprise level content management application created for organizations with a large number of templates and common data between the templates.

The Shared Library offers a single repository where Perfectus objects such as questions, web pages, templates and outcomes can be used across multiple IP packages creating a single source of control. Shared Library also offers a smart object reporting option providing visibility on 'where-used' across the Perfectus suite and assembled documents.

  • Faster development of IP packages using common objects
  • Ability to update multiple packages at object level reducing maintenance time
  • Reporting on object 'where-used' reducing risk by providing usage visibility


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