Document Process Automation PDF Print E-mail

Using the rapid development tools provided by Perfectus Technology, organization and system integrators can leverage enterprise content to build Document Process Automation (DPA)solutions.dpa_diagram

DPA looks at those processes that involve the initiation, creation and delivery of documents. Documents are simply containers of information and may be XML blobs, answer sets or the more traditional Word/PDF files.

Contract Management PDF Print E-mail

Contracts can make or break a business, and underpin most of an organization's commercial relationships.

In recent years, new business models and market pressures have dramatically increased the volume and complexity of corporate contracts. At the same time, new financial and regulatory requirements have increased the urgency for enterprises to access, monitor, and control contract creation and performance.clm_diagram

Content Enabled Applications PDF Print E-mail

Managing content, either internal or external, is fundamental to any sustainable and successful organization.

Examples of information include customer records, contracts, agreements, proposals, application forms, financial and human resource data, marketing and product information. While sometimes hard to quantify, the key piece of information is often how all these fit together, in other words the knowledge needed to run the business. Management objectives are then required to measure and analyze processes.

Document Portal PDF Print E-mail

DPA Technologies' heritage was as a document automation portal providing a business-to-business e-commerce site selling legal documents online.

By capturing the knowledge of a subject matter expert, the wizard-based questionnaire is able to simplify the creation of complex legal documents. The Perfectus architecture provides a flexible interface to CRM and payment gateways making it the number one choice for an automated document portal.

Business Value PDF Print E-mail

Perfectus works with leading ECM vendors and partners to create applications that align business requirements with content, interaction and process.

By automating document intensive processes such as contract management, correspondence management, loan origination, project management and case management, organizations are able to reduce risk and save costs while increasing compliance and visibility.