Open Text - Livelink ECM Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Print

Perfectus has created a very close integration with Open Text Livelink (now "Content Server"). By fully integrating into our design tool, the IP Manager, authors are able to leverage all the power of a full enterprise content management system.

Open Text has built a content enabled application using Perfectus as the document process automation engine to drive Livelink ECM - Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). The Perfectus interview is run within Contracts Lifecycle Management, with a tight integration to the CLM workflow.

Our integration points include:

Open/Save Package - Ability to Open and Save IPManager interview design files into the Livelink Document Management System
Import/Export Template - Ability to Import and Export Microsoft Word templates into the IPManager designer from Livelink

Outcome Clause Picker - Provides the ability for an Interview Designer to store document clauses (fragments) in Livelink along with rules on how these clauses will be used in assembled documents

Interview Integration - The Perfectus EasyInterview is embedded within the Contracts Lifecycle Management web application.
Interview File Picker - Allows interview users to select files from Livelink which will be inserted into documents at assembly time

Interview Folder Picker - Allows interview users to select a Livelink location to use for storing assembled documents.

Fetcher - A process for extracting any files required during the document assembly process from the Livelink Document Management System

Distributor - Ability to set meta-data and distribute documents generated by Perfectus into a Livelink location

Publisher Plug-in - Publishing our interview shortcuts to Livelink, to enable an EasyInterview to be initiated directly from within Contracts Lifecycle Management.
Open / Save AnswerSet - During the Interview a user can Save their answers to questions into Livelink as an XML AnswerSet file. Answers can be retrieved to pre-populate questions if the interview is restarted
Suspend / Resume Interview - During the Interview a user can save their current interview state to a "resume" link in Livelink which can be used to resume their interview at a future time