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Perfectus has created a very close integration with Hummingbird Enterprise 2004/2005 (eDOCS DM5 and eDOCS DM6). By fully integrating into our design tool, the IP Manager, authors are able to leverage all the power of a full document management system.

Perfectus has a tight integration to the eDOCS WebTop Contracts Management (CM) solution, but also has the ability to integrate directly to DM5 or DM6 without requiring WebTop or Contracts Management.

Our integration points include:

Open/Save Package - Ability to Open and Save IPManager interview design files into the eDOCS Document Management Systems
Import/Export Template - Ability to Import and Export Microsoft Word templates into the IPManager designer from eDOCS DM

Outcome Clause Picker - Provides the ability for an Interview Designer to store document clauses (fragments) in eDOCS DM along with rules on how these clauses will be used in assembled documents

Interview Integration - The Perfectus EasyInterview is embedded within the Contracts Management Web Portal.
Interview File Picker - Allows interview users to select files from eDOCS DM which will be inserted into documents at assembly time

Interview Folder Picker - Allows interview users to select a eDOCS DM location to use for storing assembled documents.

Fetcher - A process for extracting any files required during the document assembly process from the eDOCS Document Management System

Distributor - Ability to set meta-data and distribute documents generated by Perfectus into an eDOCS DM location

Publisher Plug-in - Publishing our interview shortcuts to eDOCS DM, to enable an EasyInterview to be initiated directly from within Contracts Management
Open / Save AnswerSet - During the Interview a user can Save their answers to questions into eDOCS DM as an XML AnswerSet file. Answers can be retrieved to pre-populate questions if the interview is restarted